Terry Burkes
Animation Portfolio

Landscape Garden Design




Flash Animations for an Imaginative Landscape Design Company
These whymsical animations and slideshows underscore a fantasies made true theme, on an otherwise static page. Since the company focuses on old school custom personal service, personable humorous charm, and high end clients, a hand drawn blue print theme was blended with an collectible blue willow china theme. For fun, whimsical rollover sounds were hidden amongst the animation objects.

ladybug dragonfly butterfly

Rollovers and Animations for a Web Enabled Interactive Learning Company
These whymsical insect animations were originally rollovers designed to surprise and delight the visitor, and eliven an otherwise static page. Since the company focused on children's interactive learning and web enabled learning products, it was important to make the site full of discovery. The demo animation was designed to subtly draw attention to an important product.

Story Book
moon window animation
view the animation against a large black background

Whimsical Story book theme.
Part of a series of animations for an interactive project in development.


A Small Token of Affection! wetkiss2u

Whimsical Internet Cards.
Metaphors employed in a sweet but contemporary style for the more discerning internet e-card giver.

Daily Downer

view gif animation (no sound)

view website with humorous scrolling captions
(java applet best viewed with Internet Explorer)

Masthead for a humorous quote of the day web page. Geared toward technology employed audience. Depicts newspaperhead editor suffering on deadline during the wee hours. Irony of old meets new, and unexpected glitches underlies much of the humor on this page. Java applet written by Digiville Media.

view animation (w sound) at the site it was designed for!

Masthead for Digiville's Website.
Meant to stand out as an amusing ecclectic site with many places to visit, community emphasized. Approacheable, warm and friendly yet full of surprises.