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Various Projects

BoMedia Web TV

Mobile Device App & browser bookmark Icons & text masteheads  

iOS (iPad & iPhone) & Wordpress compatible. Variations extrapolated from existing simple logo'.


Misc Icons ...
icon-thumbdrive  icon-thumbdrive pink


Illustrated web ready text mastheads and menu backgrounds for global telecommunications company. The only photographic resources used were crude daylight photos of towers. Stellex logo done by someone else.


See more examples in website section


Starship Troopers

High Level Text Comp for the Motion Picture film. Photoshop & After Effects.

Movie Title comp for CAP3-starship

Movie title comp for AWTW-starshiptroopers


Type Design & Illustration

Website Masthead type done in a custom wavy water-like fashion, to support the "Learning Pond" theme,
met with great enthusiasm by the client. All illustrations are mine, and include heavily reworked photos.

illust_aboutus_150x216.jpg illust_educators_150x228.jpg illust_parents_150x216.jpg illust_support_150x240.jpg

Type Design / Illustration & Photo-Illustration

Online Magazine

Note: PetStore.com's website is now closed.
PetStore.com Website - ecommerce, emagazine, educational
I was brought in as Creative Director to help train, develop and guide the inhouse web development team, and segue the website to a fresher look and feel from the existing overly stiff and corporate one. Because the company imposed a hiring freeze, I ended up in the dual capacity as Sr. Designer, and redesigned many of the site's landing pages, and created a whole online magazine section.

The priorities: Create a fresh approachable, personable series of articles based on whimsically written content, that showcases the grooming retail product line.

Friendly soft colors also compatible with the existing Petstore menu bars and Venus DiMilo painting were utilized. I chose a conceptually whimsical, yet slightly sophisticated approach using artistic gallery style imagery. The targetted consumer was assumed to be upscale and educated, and with a certain sense of humor and pluck. Hense, I created Doggie DiMilo, and Kitty DiMilo images for the pet makeover articles, and style conscious pet for the rest of the section.I was pleased to utilize my illustration skills by creating photorealistic animals (Doggie DiMilo was originally started with a photo of a dog head... I added the rest of the body and blowing fur) and integrate them into painterly backgrounds (such as in the chaise lounge scene with langorously reclining dog). Intense and creative color correction was necessary to make all the photos share the same warm inviting whimsical tone as the text and paintings.

Targeted toward 800x600 and larger display monitors, with fairly fast download scenarios.

Executive Producer: Sherry Miller

bowwowwow funfearlessfeline_100.jpg maxsaysrelax_100.jpg 10summeressentials_100.jpg

Photo Retouch (before & after)