Terry Burkes
Illustration Portfolio

"When the Spirit Moves"
by filmaker David Michalak

A dark, fantastical, cautionary fairy tale. The only reference ws a handful of polaroids of the set's interior tree panels, and "The Keeper" actress in full makeup and costume. Everything else is drawn from my interpretation of the director's verbal descriptions and rough thumbnails. It's not everyday that I get to represent the metamophosis of a worm, 4 legged, phoenix creature!

The unusually high level of finish requested by the director aided in his visualizing the odd creatures, completely manufactured environments, as well as planning the lighting and special effects.


9)  WA - inside tree - the Keeper proceeds right through the tree doorway

31)  MS - the 4 legged creature begins Dance of Appreciation but it's limbs give out and it begins bitting it's own skin off, running it's head into the ground, apparently trying to kill itself.

32)  MS -The Keeper hovers over the creature swaying back and forth with it's movements. As the camera pans down, the Keeper's vines tighten, tying up the struggling creature.

33)  MCU -the creature lies shaking in pain. The Keeper's hand enter the frame to give the creature a magic dust healing treatment. As her hands leave the frame the disease spots reappear and the creature curls up and dies. Lightning flashes across the creature beginning a great storm.

34)  WA - the storm begins

35)  WA - the Keeper conducts nature's symphony

36)  CU - the Keeper's eyes widen wildly, marveling at the power of nature before realizing she must calm the storm and bring peace to the forest.

37)  MS - the melted corpse of the creature vibrates in a magic dust glow.

38)  MS - Keeper sits in tree chair as branches and vines creep over her, comforting and covering her.

39)  WA - a multi-colored "spirit" bird emerges from the magic dust glow flapping it's wings, bumping into branches, finally flying up and out of the tree.

5) MCU - (side angle) Suddenly her dress get caught. The keeper hears the cry of nature as she tugs her dress free of the branch and leaves frame.

6) a ripped piece of her dress is caught on a bush, sparkling with magic dust.

10) MCU - she lights the fire with the motion of her hands and the look in her eyes.

13) Creature enters frame (see shot 6) and sniffs at ripped piece of keeper's dress, and proceeds towards the keeper's tree.

15) WA - From Keeper's POV. Creature enters frame in excruciating pain and cuddles up to the tree's interior wall. (use scale slides).

16) WA - the Creature lies in foreground as the keeper is seen walking away from her fireplace towards it.

16a) CU - Keeper gives the Creature a healing treatment with her hands, bringing it to rest.(use disease lighting... show spots disappearing).