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"Inside Out" by filmaker David Michalak

The Committee (storyboard)
12-(MS) [head to toe{w' exiting shadows background}] THE COMMITTEE leaves Colin's head.

Naturalistic and antagonistic movements symbolized the main charactor's very "human" regrets.
Expressionistic Movement
Highly stylized storyboards for the highly stylized film "Inside-Out". Since it was a silent film, portraying the mood of the movement with the storyboards was paramount. A sort of glue throughout production, the storyboards helped dancers understand how the scenes (filmed out of sequence) supported the storyline, and it helped the director plan very complex in camera special effects (quadruple plus exposures).

I also helped extensively on the set with continuity, lighting and special visual effects (matte shots, etc).

The Committee (film clip)
This film premiered July 12, 1996; starring the Kate Foley Co. and featuring a score by Nik Phelps performed live by the Clubfoot Orchestra
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Mechanical, clocklike movements symbolized the main charactor's fluctuating body and spirit.

Misc Storyboards

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