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electrocooling illustration
Raztek Electrocooling and Electroheating

electroheating metaphors
Technology Efficiency

Instructional Technology Animation

Raztek Website - Biotech

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I created all graphics and complex animation, general layout, and crunched most of the html code. This site has receive praise internationally as the best site in it's field.

The priorities: Explain complex technology and services offerred by this California based food processing technology company, using metaphors understandeable to an international crowd of food industry engineers, scientists and laypeople. Interesting, approachable, personable, yet professional look and feel. AOL compatible and frameless. Highly intuitive interface.

Friendly soft California produce crate colors utilized. Many complex concepts communicatated graphically in cohesive style.

Targeted toward 640x480 and larger display monitors, and 14.4 modems. Browser compatibility: older browsers, and AOL.

Producer: Assaf Reznik