Terry Burkes
Interface Design Portfolio

Fully animated and illustrated interfaces.

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Opening Flash Animation

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Litton/Filtronic Solid State Wireless Solutions CDROM Promotional Presentation
Redesign, Illustration, Roll Overs and Animated Interfaces, Flash Animation Intro, and Consultation.

Client priorities: create high tech, dynamic, look and feel emphasizing space age communication technologies, using the pre-existing branded themes.

Provided: new suite of graphics, gif animation spliced and optimized for quick download and perfectly matching palettes. Consulted on: usability of programmer designed pages.

Target audience: International IT and Wireless industry professionals, and engineers. Using (platform and browser): PC, Mac.

Details: The blinking patterns of the satellite and earth bound stations match to underscore Litton's efficiently coordinated communication systems. Common palettes created for seamless visual integration between animations, images, and background tiled image. Rollovers designed to coordinate with preexisting rainbow "spectrum" menu.

Note: This company has changed hands and restructured a few times since I did this project.

Executive Producer: Lee Callister
HTML/Java: Digiville Media
Art Director: Lee Callister

NBMA logo

North Bay Multimedia Association Logo Redesign

Client priorities: maintain continuity with the highly popular regional newsletter, while adding visual excitement and interest. Contemporary, professional, yet hinting at the natural beauty of the North Bay's golden hills and sky.

Provided: I modified the pre-existing 1 color print logo for the North Bay Multimedia Association's web site.

Target audience: general public, IT professionals, designers and artists, children, parents, teachers. Using (platform and browser): PC, Mac, two most recent versions of: Internet Explorer and Netscape.

Details: created grass & cloud textures in Fractal Design's Painter.

Note: Logo retired after long use, but I still lke it.

Executive Producer: Sharon
Art Director: Sharon Rockey