Terry Burkes
Interface Design Portfolio



Visa International CBT CDROM
New Design, Template design, Illustration, and Consultation.

Client priorities: visual and navigational continuity; international approachable soft-touch look and feel still befitting a conservative, international, corporation; highly intuitive interface, easy/memorable navigation through tons of information.

Provided: For 9 months, I created every scrap of visual content (including dialog boxes). Consulted on: usability of Sage Interactive's site architecture.

Target audience: international staff who work for VISA, or business professionals that Franchise the name. Using CDROM player on: PC and Mac.

Details: This was created for distribution on CDROM, before the internet explosian, and was the most graphic approach the company had ever used for any CBT. It was very well received.

Note: The Art Director and I worked very closely with the client who took a very active role during the design process.

Art Director: Renee` Kirk of Sage Interactive.