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Levi Strauss

Levi Strauss Website - Intranet
New Design, Illustration, HTML, and Consultation.

Client priorities: extremely casual and warm, yet clean, professional look and feel. Highly intuitive interface. This was an interactive presentation and recap of a a company brown bag lunch conducted by the founders of Levi. It contained sound clips and employee feedback.

Provided: new suite of graphics, most of the HTML, general layout.

Target audience: Levi Strauss employees using (platform and browser): PC, and the two most recent versions of: Netscape (which was probably Netscape 2 at the time) on fairly fast intranet.

Details: Illustration heavy, with lots of visually light repeat background graphics to break up the text heavy presentation.

Note: I cant show you the confidential text, but I've included some graphics with subtitles & faux text so you can get a feel for the general layout and interactivity.

Producer: Connect Media

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