Terry Burkes
Creative Director/ Art Director
Illustrator/ Animator/ Interface Designer
Flash Presentations
San Francisco, CA



"Terry Burkes draws from her unlimited well of creativity and with 
sensitivity and intuition, arrives at solutions that please her and 
please the client. She is a pleasure to work with - responsive, responsible,
straightforward and skilled in a variety of artistic styles."

                        Sherry Miller
                        Director of Web Content

"Terry Burkes did an excellent job of developing a user interface and
accompanying graphics for an online knowledge support system we
developed for Visa International.  The interface was friendly, warm, and
unintimidating, yet very sophisticated looking and esthetically
                        Renee Kirk
                        Partner, Sage Interactive

"Terry takes ownership over her work and handled quick turn around times to
deliver a quality product."

                        Corie Hunt
                        Sr. Producer
                        LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc.

"I wanted to share with you some great compliments we got on the site design.  
The Israeli Engineer who worked on the compter controls of the system 
(his bio is on the site), Ely Dembe, reviewed the site and told my father that 
it is one the best he has ever seen both graphically and content-wise. I said 
that even big businesses in Israel do not have such a professional looking site.

...you are a design goddess!"

                        Assaf Reznik

"... your stuff is absolutely beautiful!  I'm always blown away by your
attention to detail mixed with the heartwarming humor."

                        Michele Parrish
                        Art Director

"To whom it may concern
I have worked with Terry Burkes on a number of projects over the past eight
years, including two interactive presentations for the Digital Village, and  
a variety of web sites where she was responsible for designing all the  
graphical elements, including some wonderful animations.  Terry is a remarkable  
artist who brings a unique vision and a personal dedication to whatever  
project she is working on. She is also good at clarifying complex concepts  
in a visual form, and making them understandable. I recommend her highly to  
anyone in need of engaging simages and imaginative design."

                        Lee Callister
                        Executive Producer
                        Digiville Webmedia Design
                        Co Founder, Digital Village in Marin

"Talented Designer/Artist, solid design and layout skills, interface design,
graphic design, highly analytical, meticulous, passionate, skilled in all the
usual artist software, etc. etc. Not only is Terry all of this and more, 
she is an absolute delight to work with!"

                        Sharon Rockey 
                        Creative Director
                        Webspin Studios


Sherry Miller       Director of Web Content, 010101, SFMOMA

Renee Kirk          Partner, Sage Interactive

Assaf Reznik        Webmaster, Raztek

Lee Callister       Co Founder, Digital Village in Marin
                    Executive Producer, Digiville Webmedia Design

Sharon Rockey       Creative Director, Webspin Studios

... Other references by request

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