Sound Design - Background Loops (websites)

These music and soundscape loops, were created to fit the personality of specific websites. Melodies were composed by me. 

DETAILS: Most pieces contain at least 10 highly customized tracks, utilizing either my own field recordings of environmental sounds, or copyright free sound clips. For warmth and grounding, I chose a lot of traditional sounding instruments from around the world, and old school jazz & funk riffs, jungle and weather sounds, as well as subtle syth textures. Genres are gleefully toyed with.


Terry Burkes © 2006 - 2007

Darwinian's Joke - light hearted exotic garden fantasy theme for Sunline Garden Design -
Cat walk - V 1 - Contemporary exotic mid tempo
Cat walk - V 2 - Contemporary exotic fast tempo
Walkabout to Argentina and Back - Quirky, Ambient
Loop - lyrical
Flotsom - ethereal, meditative, innocent

Sound Design - Narrative (story line)

Appropriate for movies, TV and interactive gaming. These crime/drama background music samples were created to elicit different moods, yet share a common theme. The primary melodies and compositions are my creation.

DETAILS: The percussion and electric guitar riffs and some sound effects, were stock library items that I heavily modified. All samples contain at least 10 highly customized tracks.

Terry Burkes © 2006 - 2007

TV Crime Drama
TV Crime Drama - Surprise
TV Crime Drama - Worried drive
TV Crime Drama - Intense

Explore Your World! (Travel Banner ad) - Using my field recordings from Cambodia, for cultureswim